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Managing Director & CEO

Semk Products Limited

Eddie Hui, the Managing Director & CEO of Semk Products Limited and the founder of B.Duck, graduated from the Department of Fines Arts BA (Hons) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1999, he decided to study abroad in United Kingdom and entered at the door of the Kent Institute of Arts & Design which is ranking no. 3 in all UK Colleges about Master of Art & Design. Eddie founded Semk in 2001 and B.Duck brand in 2005; and has since drove the small design house to become a successful IP holding company.

In 2009, Eddie received the “Innovation and Creativity Award” and was conferred with the prestigious “Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award” title in the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards Hong Kong 2011 by Enterprise Asia for his excellent entrepreneurship skills. In 2014, the company’s brand “B.Duck” was named as “Hong Kong Top Brand”. In 2015, it was named as Top 10 China Animation Licensing Award and also received the “Upgrading and Transformation Award” in the Hong Kong Awards for Industries. In 2016, it was awarded “Best Asian Property of the Year” by LIMA and “Hong Kong Premier Brand Award”. In 2017, Eddie win the Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong and Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, proving B.Duck’s excellent performance in brand development.

According to the background from Fine Arts and Design, Eddie is in belief of the words from Josef Beuys, one of the great Conceptual Artist from Germany who said "Every human behavior can be Art". In practice, exploring any new dimensions to excel what people have already known and to incorporate into our multiple life portraits to realize the art of living is the theme of Semk.