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Ricci (Wong Cheuk Kin) is an Architecture-trained Artist. Graduated in CUHK Fine Arts & HKU.


Architecture, Ricci founded the Fotanian studio in 2011 which led to the formation of LAAB in 2013, and made over 100+ public art & design projects. In 2016 Ricci established his own studio RAAW, focusing on playful public art installations & interior design.  His creative works bring joy and playfulness to surface, while being knowledgable of practicality, he believes good design can bring heartful joyfulness.

In 2019 Ricci established HK Timberbank to facilitate an idea to salvage the local timbers felled due to weather or development, and make them into beautiful furniture and further into commercial applications. It targets to pursuit to re-industrialize the long-forgotten timber recycling and furniture manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. Not only to recreate and reroute the path of these natural resources, but these trees also brought back the spirit and memory of Hong Kongers.