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Dr. Terry Lam, Ph.D. is one of the founder of Co&Co Design Strategy ltd. Terry is a media creative and brand strategist with over 17 years of experience in film, advertising and digital media industry. Terry graduated in HKAPA BFA Film & TV, 2001, MDes with Distinction, 2010 and Cert. of Education HKIEd, 1998 and lecturing in HKAPA, PolyU, HKDI and HKPC. Terry have thorough understanding in both creative process and design workflow and gain awards in international media awards, like Brand New Awards, Promax, Bloomberg Creative Media and Hong Kong Film Awards.


In 2003, Terry was invited to join the CTV Media Group in Beijing as Executive Creative Director for advertising division. While in his work in advertising industry, Terry is expertise in media branding for both central and national state broadcasting institutes. Terry is experienced in design creative team building and growing for international media groups in China. After years of services on branding and media marketing strategy, at the end of 2008, he found Co&Co Design Strategy Limited and focus on media branding and consultant service.


In 2014, Terry was re-allocated to Seoul and focus on creative consultancy for media projects between Hong Kong, China and Korea. He was invited as creative consultant for China-Korea government subsidies collaborate projects for media and gaming in Seoul.


Recently, since August 2016, Terry was invited by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design to join as Teaching Fellow for the Digital Media faculty and participate in design education. This year, Terry joined the PhD study at the RMIT Creative Research Lab and focus on the research of ‘Advancing visual narrative in immersive storytelling’. Now Terry is participating in a number of Hong Kong movie story development.