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Amy is an expert in design thinking, co-founder of CaaS (an Innovation Design and Strategy consulting firm).  Leveraging her past experiences in driving product and service innovation in the industry, she coaches corporations on digital transformation; she advocates on the importance of team’s emotional readiness for transformation success.  Amy leads ventures projects at CaaS, a partnership program with to support the growth of startup innovative concepts. Previously Amy was Group Director of Fjord Greater China (Part of Accenture Interactive) and she runs Digital Transformation Programs to help clients develop experience strategies. Prior Amy was Senior Director and Design Expert at Tencent China, and was also design alumni of Microsoft (US) and Yahoo!( Hong Kong).


In Amy’s earlier design career, she started studying the of roles and responsibilities of designer within organization to support the growth of her own career.  She realizes it is important to find an organization with the right match of qualities for her to practice design and be impactful.  Amy was the first Interaction Designer hired at Yahoo! Hong Kong in 2003 and have self-defined her role with the team and work closely together with the engineers and product mangers to localize the workflow and process base on the business need and operation constraint in the Hong Kong office.  In her recent career, as design leader of organizations, Amy has been careful to craft roles and structure to support the growth of designers.


Amy started working with Mainland China educated designer since 2011 at Tencent and has witnessed the growth and development of design community in China the past decade. She was active in the Tencent Design Committee and was the Chair and Advisor from 2013-16 when she was Senior Director of Tencent, Shen Zhen. 


Amy is a core member of DTIA(Design Thinking in Action) and has been serving as Advisory Project Lead since 2019. She also serves on the Advisory Board of IXDA Hong Kong since 2017.

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