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Classes of HKDA Membership

The members of the Association shall be divided into the following classes viz;

For further details, please contact HKDA Secretariat at

For admission, please fill in the below application form and send back with attached portfolio by email.


A Professional Member may receive information from the Association, participate in the Association’s activities and vote at the Annual General meetings and at the Extraordinary General meetings and to be elected to any office of the Executive Committee.


(a) at the time of application for membership is resided in Hong Kong; and

(b) is engaged in full time as designer or design educator in one or more of the following fields of design : Exhibition; Fashion; Graphic; Branding; Multimedia; Interior; Jewellery; Packaging; Product; TV; Film or Stage and other forms of visual communication; and either

(c) has completed a recognised relevant design education and a minimum of three (3) years post-qualification experience; or

(d) has achieved eminence in the profession recognised by the Association.

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