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Jay Leung is an interior designer and the founder of Starz Pasha Ltd. with 15 years of experience in the industry, Jay obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University, in Australia. He believes that interior design should tell a unique story within the space, reflecting his design philosophy of co-creation. His design statement, "Current trends can fade, but narrative is timeless," emphasizes his focus on creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Throughout his career, Jay has been recognized for his exceptional design work, receiving numerous awards such as the Asia Pacific Property Awards, Sydney Design Award, Bo Concept Design Award, HKPIDA Award, K-Design Award, and Emerging Designer of the Year in the Home Journal Awards. His designs have also been featured in various publications and media outlets. Jay has collaborated in cross-brand campaigns with industry leaders such as Samsung and Sony, demonstrating his ability to push boundaries and create exceptional designs for his clients.

In addition to his work at Starz Pasha, Jay is the founder of Small Circle Ltd., a Web3 studio that explores big ideas in "Digital" Assets, "True" Ownership, "Real" Utility, and "Open" Metaverse to push the "Decentralised" space forward. Small Circle's vision is to connect people to a new era of hybrid reality, inspiring awareness of Web3 footprints for everyone. By leveraging technologies such as AR/VR, blockchain, AI/ML, and spatial sensing, Small Circle aims to offer immersive experiences that create unique and engaging digital experiences for brands, entities, and the public.

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