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paul chan

Mr. Paul Chan, one of the designers of Zero Carbon building in Hong Kong, a senior environmental friendly and interior innovation consultant, and a Hong Kong science and technology park design training graduate and partner company. He is committed to bringing his own experience and immersive technology research to share with the innovation and cultivation company, and spread the idea of ​​creative thinking management. Mr. Chan's research field is corporate innovation and financial technology. He is a well-known expert in the field of corporate learning. He has participated in and guided the innovative capacity building practices of many global companies.

Paul started his cultural & innovation management and design consultancy, namely Pauldesign Ltd in early 1990s. He works closely with corporate partners, teamed up with creative professionals and experience project management and researcher; he is devoted to provide high quality services that drive value for his customer and work with different client from Apple, Visa, Shure, Red earth, Johnnie Walker,, Evonik, Porsche, BMW, Visa, Zero Carbon Building (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Hong Kong Science Museum.

In 2011, his company was proud to receive HONG KONG ICT AWARDS 2011 - Best Life Style Award, which was the solid proof of his innovation to endeavor future challenges. And also receive GREEN BUILDING AWARD 2012 and Most successful design award 2015.

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