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Kristie is a designer, researcher, and problem-solver who works with corporations to build meaningful connections between people. In her role as the Head of Customer Digital Experience at one of the largest corporations in Hong Kong, renowned for its influence on the local business landscape, she spearheads initiatives to enhance user interactions and create impactful digital experiences. 

Kristie’s work revolves around exploring the connection between individuals, ideas, systems, and ecosystems. She delves into understanding the driving forces behind human behavior, how external phenomena influence it, and how to leverage these insights to optimize user experiences. Her approach centers on human-centered design methods, which she believes have the power to transform attitudes, habits, and perceptions.


As a dedicated researcher and designer, Kristie translates user feedback into real-world experiences, crafting solutions that resonate with users and drive meaningful engagement. She thrives on bridging the gap between individuals and the systems they interact with, using design thinking and a deep understanding of user needs to create transformative solutions. 

With her expertise and passion for user-centric design, Kristie aims to change attitudes, habits, and perceptions through innovative digital experiences. She is committed to leveraging her skills to drive positive change, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to her organization’s and its stakeholders’ growth and success.


Kristie held the position of a guest lecturer at CCLU for Marketing, Advertising & Design related modules, and lecturer at HKIVE previously. Kristie holds a Master’s degree in Design Strategies and a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In 2011, Kristie transformed her interest, and several years of research, in funeral rituals from the traditional Chinese culture to a modified East-West culture, and published a documentary called《祭之以禮》.

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