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Kristie is currently the UI/UX design lead at WeLab Bank, responsible for empowering WeLab Bank to realize it's business development, strategy, and client acquisition plans.  Kristie was a Senior UX designer at PwC Consulting, Hong Kong, and part of PwC’s Experience Centre. 


Kristie leverages visual storytelling / communication to enhance branding, purpose and continuous user engagement. Kristie has a wealth of experience in leading creative projects, e-commerce projects, mobile app design and portal integration. Kristie has a strong understanding of the Hong Kong and regional market, through her experience with various production agencies.


Kristie is currently a guest lecturer at CCLU for Marketing, Advertising & Design related modules; and previously held the position of an art director, and lecturer at HKIVE. Kristie holds a Master’s degree in Design Strategies and a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

In 2011, Kristie transformed her interest, and several years of research, in funeral ritual from the traditional Chinese culture to a modified East-West culture, and published a documentary called《祭之以禮》.

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