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YUAN JIAYUAN (Garfield), founder and design director of FREJUS24 DESIGN, a multifaceted design profession company which integrate brand design, interior design and furniture design. Provides professional design service to TOP luxury residences, retails & shopping malls, club houses and private VIP lounges in airports.


Graduated with Master of Design from HKPU in 2009, Garfield has engaged in Lots of successful projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Beijing, Sanya and Los Angeles. With understanding of space, technology, multi-culture and domestic & international market, Garfield has promoted his new interior design idea of “24 Solar Teams of Fréjus” to over 150k followers on social media.


Meanwhile, the public welfare speech tours of teaching people how to use “24 Solar Teams of Fréjus” to design their home has been given around cities in China from 2015. Via this new idea, Garfield hope to let more people can understand then enjoy interior design, and to make good interior design affordable to majorities.

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