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joe wong

With a piece of paper and extraordinary imagination, Artist Joe Wong creates impressive paper art works with rich colors, distinct layers, and refined compositions. Joe has always taken cultural heritage as the core of his creation, focusing on absorbing traditional culture and reinterpreting it in line with the essence of modern design aesthetics. Joe’s works can be combined in a variety of styles, or it can be stripped away and only keep the basic lines of the core. Each work shows its uniqueness. The works in Joe's hands are both sublimation and restoration. It can show the primitive simplicity of traditional paper art, and it can show the modern sense of simplicity and refinement. It is the essence of the combination of tradition and contemporary.

Joe has cooperated with hundreds of Chinese and foreign brands, and established his paper art brands POSTalk, FingerART and Jw.. He is committed to developing paper art works that combine design, culture and art. Joe continues to break through the inherent framework and make new attempts in the creative field. In 2018, he became one of four Chinese artists invited to exhibit at the LUCCA BIENNALE – Paper, Art, Design in Italy. In 2017, he was invited by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to create a large-scale paper art piece for IDT Expo, which was then privately collected. In addition, Joe Wong's modern paper art exhibition held at the Mission Hills Centreville in Shenzhen in 2016, with the theme of paper art light and shadow interaction, has also received overwhelming response.

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