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Vice Honorary Secretary

Born into a family of jewelry, May SO has grown up with an extreme appreciation and passion for beauty and design. She has been a great admirer of the acclaimed international brand Van Cleef and Arpel and trained as a Research Gemologist with Professional Gemology Diploma in GIA.

May SO has created her own jewelry brand for over 20 years, as well as equipped with experiences at manufacturing procedures at various factories in China. She prides herself with having successfully set up and optimized a production line in a one-stop-service operation mode. Under her leadership, May and her company have applied and been granted ISO9001.

One of May’s great personal achievements is having developed a creative jewelry setting technique called the “Inlaid Gem setting”, based on numerous research efforts of her and her company, which she has obtained “Hong Kong Jewelry Patent” in 2016 and “China Jewelry Invention Patent” in 2018. This technique has inspired and contributed to the jewelry trade in Hong Kong.

In addition to her passion about jewelry, May So takes on as her new mission to support local Hong Kong designers through another of her retail and event platform SPECTRUM , through initiating, organising, and promoting design events and activities.

In 2015, May SO was recognized by “the Excellence Brand Award” in Hong Kong and in 2018 awarded “HK Women Entrepreneurs in Greater Bay Area”.

May SO is currently an Executive Committee member, Vice Honorary Secretary and Chairman of Design Community Council of Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA). She also acts as mentor for the Design Incubation Programme and Design Admission Panel for Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC).  May also serves on the Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2023 in HKEA and as the Jewelry Expert at the Vocational Training Council VTC and Design Panel of Design Gallery HKTDC.

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