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Product Designer & Managing Director of ThinkThing Studio

Jason Li is a Hong Kong product designer and the Managing Director of ThinkThing Studio. His works have won numerous design awards such as iF, Red Dot, Golden Pin, DFA, K Design Award, and the Hong Kong Smart Design Award. His products are distributed and sold all over the world including at outlets such as MoMA Design Store, TOKYU HANDS, T-Mall and more. His brand new product ZTRAW, a foldable reusable straw that is fully recyclable, has crowdfunded over HK$600,000 on online platforms within a month, and is popular among American, European and Southeast Asian backers.


Jason’s passion for design stems from his belief that design can solve problems encountered by consumers in their everyday lives. From design to branding and marketing, Thinkthing Studio curates their own identity, so that consumers could experience their ideal lifestyle while using a practical product. Jason’s design and studio upholds sustainability and social responsibility, not only by designing products that improve quality of life while putting resources to good use, they also seek to collaborate with non-profit organizations during production, hoping to benefit society. Jason's goal is to connect people through design, and to make the world a better place.