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Born in Hong Kong in 1960 and a graduate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master’s Degree in Design, Eddy had worked with Kan & Lau Design Consultants and Alan Chan Design Company as senior art director and design director respectively before co-founding CoDesign Ltd. with Hung Lam in 2003, specializing in visual branding design. 


In 2011, Eddy established CoLAB with Hung again, a collaborative design platform focusing on promoting social betterment by design and creativity.The first CoLAB project, So…Soap!—a holistic branding exercise for a local hand-made soap production with an aim to connect the community, promote hand-craft industry in Hong Kong and provide family-friendly jobs for women--  not only attracted wide coverage of local and international media, but also won a few prestigious local and international design awards. Recognizing the intriguing chemistry between art, creativity and social mission demonstrated in the project, Hong Kong Museum of Art selected So…Sop! as one of three representing works of Hong Kong to participate the Liverpool Biennial 2012. 


Eddy is a frequent guest at various design exhibitions; speaker for design seminars and schools as well as judge for design competitions. His works have been granted dozens of awards in local and international design competitions and collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany.  


Eddy has been a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association since 1988. He was first elected as member of the Executive Committee of the Association in 1994, which he has served for 14 years since then. He had been elected Honorary Secretary (2002-2004) and Vice-chairman (2004-2006) before being elected as Chairman for 2006-2008.